The talented folks at Wookey Films brought me on to design and animate the title intro and show graphics for their series "C'est moi qui décide" (It's Me Who Decides). The show follows the host Jérémie Larouche as he helps the kids of a household take over and do what they want, while their parents go on a lovely date... of the kids choosing.
The design had one constraint, and that was making sure the host was a central part of the show introduction. So I opted to go for a collage/paper puppet style of animation. Below you can find some styleframes, as well as some samples of the other graphics used throughout the series, like transitions, credit backgrounds, and supers.
Here you can see some of the many transitions and secondary graphics used throughout the series.
Above you can see some of the early styleframes. Aspects like the house being on fire were a little too extreme, so those were changed to be fireworks in the final. You can also see the son and wife ended up being swapped out in the final animation as well.

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