This show intro and graphics package was done for the APTN special "Reconciliation & Me". The special was all about the horrific experiences in Residential Schools in Canada. This was made all the more raw given the recent discovery of an unmarked grave site for more than 200 "missing children" outside the site of a residential school.
This was the first project I completed after transitioning to freelance, and with this new freedom to allocate budget I was able to partner with a local artist to create the hero shots for me to bring to life with animation. When Wookey Films reached out to help produce these graphics, I knew I had to try to get a hold of Jordan Stranger (Totem Doodem) to bring the compassion, sincerity and authenticity that was required for such an important special.
I truly could not have done this animation without his beautiful illustrations, which also inspired the rest of the show graphics like transitions and lower thirds you can see below.

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